Fiber-Refreshing-Technology – FRT

The FRT-Aeromill (shredding) and the, depending on the raw material, optionally downstreamed FRT-Aerosorter (sorting) are forming the core of FRT. As highly efficient new developments these sturdy high-end technologies are unique in waterless fiber recycling.

The FRT-Aeromill

The FRT-Aeromill works on the principle of an impact mill. Due to the collision of up to 100 m/sec accelerated particles single fibers are gently recovered from the raw material. At engine outputs between 75 and 500 kw throughput rates of up to 25 t/h per module will be achieved.
The compact system is characterized by low space requirements at highest energy efficiency.

The FRT-Aerosorter

The FRT-Aerosorter works on the principle of a hybrid classifier and allows safe separation of fiber and non-paper material, so that the obtained high-quality fibers can be pressed to bales or directly be used for paper manufacture after swelling.

Demonstration plant: FRT-Aerosorter

Demonstration plant: FRT-Aerosorter, transport of fibers and reject to the press

Divided conveyor

Divided conveyor (left lane: fibers, right lane: reject)