Fiber-Refreshing-Technology – FRT

What is “FRT”?

FRT means “Fiber Refreshing Technology”. Fiber containing raw materials are shred into finest fibers and also refined based on an environmentally friendly technology. Thus they´ll be made usable to the paper industry.

Which process steps are necessary?

Inside the FRT process fiber containing material basically undergoes 3 steps:
1. Dry dissolution (Disintegration without waster water production)
2. Fibrillation (FRT fibers feature an improved water absorption capacity by the fibrillation and give a contribution to an optimized foliation)
3. Separation (Non-fiber material, e.g. fillers and impurities, will be separated dry from single fibers with high accuracy.

What does “Aeromill” mean?

Aeromill is a machine which takes over the shredding process. A distinction is drawn between pre-disintegration and fiber mill.

What does “Aerosorter” mean?

Aerosorter is a machine which takes over the separation process. The dry separation of accepted stock and reject takes place in the so called “Aerosorter”. It´s also called hybrid classifier.

What kind of machinery is necessary to obtain FRT fibers?

To realize preferably high-quality results a complete machinery set, consisting of pre-disintegration, fiber mill and sorting-machine, is required.
It´s also possible to just acquire one Aeromill if the desired result has not to be in high-quality.

Which benefits do i get from FRT?

FRT replaces the process of wet pulp extraction. This results in several advantageous points:

No fresh water needed
When using FRT no waste water is produced
Compared to wet method significantly reduced bacterial load
Drastic energy savings

On top of that high output rates may grant a comparatively much shorter ROI (Return-on-Investment).

What capacities are possible at the moment?

Currently we can offer machinery configurations for capacities from 0,5 to 25 tons per hour.